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Computer Science Department

“Im.Pulse: A Web Application for Interactive Music Video Sharing & Streaming”

Karyn Brown

For my Senior Project, I am designing a web-based application, titled Im.Pulse, for music videos.  Unlike YouTube, which comprises a universal selection of uploaded videos ranging from comedy sketches to cat videos, Im.Pulse is strictly intended for music videos for the interaction of fans, artists, and record companies alike.  Im.Pulse will encompass a collection of user-friendly static and dynamic pages populated by information retrieved from users and a collection of database tables including, but not limited to: user information, music video information, user activity with other users and videos, and the web of relations connecting users to their content and activity.  While Im.Pulse is intended for the enjoyment of audiences on the user-interface end, there will be two distinct roles for users: Im.Pulse administrators and Im.Pulse members.  Administrators will be assigned their role and will have the qualifications to freely review, add, edit, and delete content to ensure Im.Pulse maintains a certain standard of quality, appropriateness, and information applicable to members.  Im.Pulse members will be able to interact with the website in a variety of means that parallel key interactive components of YouTube and SoundCloud. Such features will include the ability to upvote music videos, view the profiles of other members within the Im.Pulse community, “repost” a music video, scroll through a newsfeed featuring recently added music videos, and search for videos or users.  Although fluid user-interface is essential to the success of any website, another important aim for Im.Pulse is to establish a database, featuring a network of populated interdependent tables, that will maintain efficiency even under the pressure of added content and generated relations.