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Computer Science Department

Work Life Play

Adam Smith

This project entails designing and building a web-based application that will help users manage their short-term tasks and long-term goals.  The web application will be titled “Work Life Play” in reference to the compartmentalization strategy this app will employ to categorize tasks and goals across these three main aspects of peoples’ lives.  Currently, most productivity applications either focus on what the user wants to complete in the short-term or they breakdown long-term goals into more achievable tasks.  Work Life Play will effectively merge these two products into one, allowing users to add items to lists like a traditional to-do application, but also pushing users to keep track of their longer-term aspirations.

                This application will be visually intriguing and operate as a single-page web application.  Using a single-page design means all data will be received on the first page load, allowing users to seamlessly interact with the interface without having to deal with loading times.  This will improve user experience and will essentially create the feeling of using a standalone desktop application while being able to take advantage of modern web technologies.