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Computer Science Department

True Tech iOS Application

Adrian Ables

The aim of this senior project is to provide a well-rounded experience in developing mobile applications for True Tech Home Services. By implementing a Firebase as a NoSQL database server, Adrian will create an iOS application which will showcase True Tech’s flat rate price book in a mobile format. While working on this senior project, Adrian will be collaborating with Alex Miller on his True Tech Home Service’s Android application using the same database. Alex will also be assisting Adrian in developing a mobile friendly website to upload and monitor data in real time.

Thus far, Adrian has collaborated with Alex Miller and True Tech Home Services on the nature of these two application on both platforms. The site will be used by the executive body of True Tech to monitor the accounts of True Tech’s employees. From this site, they will be able to update the flat rate price book directly to the database. In addition, they will be able to deactivate or enable employee accounts based on the appropriate situation.

The iOS application will showcase all of True Tech’s services on a mobile device. This app will be used primarily by technicians using iPhones who are working in the field attempting to sell said company’s services to potential customers. True Tech employees will be able to log in, log out, or perform password recovery on their accounts. Also, they will be able to show a list of their services by category of service. For example, a technician who wanted a job done on their home electrical system, the app would then populate with a list of electric-only services available. Once a technician clicks on a list item, it will redirect the app to a separate page showing all of the fine details about the service (e.g. price, hours to complete the project, and other relevant information). Once a technician has completed a verbal agreement with the customer, said technician will be able to click on an invoice button which will generate a document to be sent to both the customer and True Tech’s email as documentation.