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Computer Science Department

An LED Sound-Activated Belt

Ariel Marbly

This project is a 3D printed belt with battery-powered LED lights. The belt itself will be designed in the free program Blender, and printed using the free program Cura and a Lulzbot TAZ 3D printer. The lights will be attached to an Arduino motherboard which will be programmed in C++. The lights will flicker in reaction to sound, which will be caught by using sound sensors, and the lights will be coded to recognize and display spoken words. In order for them to be able to pick up what people are saying they will use the OS X speech recognition already built into Apple laptops. The belt’s main purpose will be to act as a fun accessory, but it could also be used as a light in dark places, or even to communicate to the hearing-impaired when one does not know sign language.