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Computer Science Department

Brunch Web Application

Brandon Peters

                 Brandon will be developing a web application for brunch enthusiasts, specifically in the Chicago area. He received his inspiration from the past two summers he spent interning in Chicago trying to consistently manage all of his brunch experiences while remembering recommendations from his friends/co-workers. The primary function of this web application is to provide users with the tools needed to organize all of their favorite brunch spots and to list certain spots they have yet to try.

                This web application will initially provide a map with the current top 20 brunch spots pinned. The user will be able to flag which ones they have been to and star their favorites. There will be website URLs, photos, and menus (if available) attached to each restaurant listed. The user will be able to filter the restaurants by price range, their starred restaurants, and by the spots they have yet to try. In addition, the user will be able to add custom locations for restaurants that were not originally listed. Brandon believes this web application will help brunch-enthusiasts (like himself) explore the endless brunch spots throughout the Chicago area, remember recommendations from friends, and stay organized with the “brunch-game.”