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Computer Science Department


Brea Llorens

This project involves of the design and implementation of an interactive self-help web application using the Ruby on Rails framework. The website, HolisticMD, is primarily an interactive encyclopedia on alternative treatments for a number of ailments that may be affecting a user. It is also a community for people interested in holistic practices to converse, learn, and support each other through their respective journeys to improve personal well-being.


The web site will consist of an algorithm that returns relevant data based on user form submission, user account registration, and social media features such a forum, blog, and polls. From the homepage all users have access to the search functionality, as well as the results of submitted queries. Users must create an account if they wish to access and/or participate in the community forum, for which a link will appear upon successful username and password authentication.


The forum will be used for discussion of any topic related to the website’s content with the goal of using user interaction to improve the web application and to create a welcoming and supportive community. Registered users will also have a profile page, where they can access their account settings as well as view their comment history. There will be a section of the website where the admin will write articles tackling a topic of their own choosing or one that users vote on in a poll, which would appear in the General section of the community forum. Registered users will have the ability to respond to these posts, as well. Privileges unique to the administrator including the deletion of user accounts and posts, publication of blog posts, and the addition or modification of holistic advice records within the database via a menu appearing only to logged in admin accounts.