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Computer Science Department

Greencastle Grub Web Application

Chelsea Murray

This project consists of the design and implementation of a web application known as Greencastle Grub. This web based application will be a restaurant review site for users to browse and rate local Greencastle restaurants and cafes. Administrators will have the capability to add new restaurants while users have the option to create an account with a username and password. Users that are signed in can leave clickable star ratings with a review. Users that are not signed in will not be able to leave ratings or reviews, however they will be able to search through the listings index for specific restaurants.


This project will be completed using Ruby on Rails, CSS and HTML. All in all, this web application will include restaurant listings with images, user sign in and sign out, a database of reviews, clickable star ratings, search functionality, customized error and alert messages, reviews linked to users and restaurants, set user permissions, validation of submitted data, integration of google maps API, pagination, front end design with bootstrap, image hosting with Amazon S3 and live deployment with Heroku.