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Computer Science Department


Cole Thomas

For my senior seminar project I will be developing an application for the iPhone. To construct this application I plan to utilize the tool LiveCode. This application will be a game that utilizes the iPhone’s touch screen. The player will move through a continuous level in a fashion similar to the classic game Helicopter. The avatar controlled by the player will be a shark swimming through a vast ocean. This shark will be able to move up and down with the tap of a finger. The goal of the game will be to eat as many fish as possible without the shark dying. The more fish the shark has eaten, the higher the score.

As the player gets further into the level, the difficulty will increase. Visually, the game will be ascetically pleasing, complete with a variety of fish to eat, and fantastic animations. As the player begins the game, the only way for him or her to lose will be bumping into the ocean floor, located at the bottom of the screen. Yet as the player continuously surveys the ocean depths, dangerous obstacles will have to be avoided.