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Computer Science Department

RainCheck: We’ll Bring You Back

Fabian Herrera

Living in big cities, it is very easy to come across a new restaurant that you have never had, but have heard great things about. Friends have told you multiple times to eat there, but it just keeps slipping from your mind even though you’ve written it down in your notes. By the time you know it, you’ve promised to try hundreds of places, with all these different meals you can’t possible remember. RainCheck is here to help you remember restaurants, along with the food they’re famous for, by searching for them and adding them to your profile. Now you can easily look through and find them, but that isn’t all. RainCheck also gives your friends the chance to invite you to a certain restaurant via the applications built in messaging feature, because it’s always better to have company when trying new places. You may have taken a rain check this time, but now you’ll have a great way to remember to try the restaurant in the future.