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Computer Science Department

Marvin’s Delivers: An iOS application

Jackson Mote

Marvin’s Delivers is an iOS application for Marvin’s with the purpose of displaying menu items, contact information and directions. The application allows users to view information about menu items such as descriptions, prices, photos, ingredients and reviews. Rather than calling Marvin’s to place an order, customers can place a delivery or pick-up order within the application on their iOS device. In addition to ordering food, customers can save their contact information and recent orders for future use. The ordering feature of this application will show that the process of ordering Marvin’s can be streamlined but it will not be publicly useable due to the scope of this project. The project will focus on displaying the details of menu items and the ease of ordering.


Since Marvin’s Restaurant is a tradition of the late night social life of students at DePauw University, the application encourages users to make the trip to Marvin’s a shareable experience through the use of social media feeds. The application searches public social media accounts for Marvin’s related hash tags and geographically relevant information to compile it all in one real-time feed. This feature is extremely relevant to the tradition that Marvin’s brings to DePauw University. The social functionality of this application is emblematic of the friendly and social characteristics of Marvin’s founder Marvin Long.