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Computer Science Department

Don’t Think Just Drink

Joe Haynes

For too long recipe books calling for obscure ingredients that make following the directions precisely for creating craft cocktails a major struggle.  Don’t Think Just Drink (DTJD) is here to solve that issue. A web app, DTJD will allow users to enter in what ingredients they already have, and a list of possible cocktails with their directions will be generated.   

Visitors to the site will be able to create an account and have a personal page where they can choose to share information about themselves.

Initially there will be a set of recipes entered in by the site administrator. However, users will be able to submit their own recipes, and once they are approved by the administrator the recipe will be added to the list of drinks that appear depending on what ingredients the user has. In order to implement this feature, there will have to be two types of user accounts- administrator and general user. To differentiate the two, a Boolean trait will be added to all users on whether or not they are an administrator that can only be activated in the console, preventing visitors to the site from being able to gain administrative powers from the user interface. In addition to approving user submitted recipes, the administrator will also have the ability to delete accounts and reset passwords

The site will primarily be built using Ruby on Rails and Javascript, with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to assist in the formatting.