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Computer Science Department

A Unity Game for teaching people to play the game of Go

Kevin Yean

The game of Go is Asia’s version of chess and its different number of different possible board state easily dwarfs it in comparison. At its core the game of Go is very simple, the person who is in control of the most territory wins the game. However while playing the game of Go is simple, the underlying strategy behind certain moves is not. The goal of this project is to create a 3-D Unity Game with the aim of teaching newcomers how to play the game of Go as well as teaching them basic strategies. In order to do so, the game will provide tutorials on how to play the game to teach new players. Following the tutorial, players will be provided with two options: ‘Exercises’ and ‘Play Go’. Exercises will consist of problem to solve in order to sharpen the user Go skills and to better understand strategic concepts. Play Go will pit users against a simple AI on a 5x5 board or against another player locally depending on their choice.