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Computer Science Department


Logan Bertalan

TrackMyGolf is an online web application that allows golfers from around the world to post their scores, learn about other golf courses, and chat with other friends and members.  In order to access this web application, golfers must become a member of TrackMyGolf.  Once a member, the golfer has the ability to access all of the applications functions.  Members will then be able to create their own profile where they have the ability to upload a profile picture.  Each member will have his/her own profile where they can add new rounds and view their statistics from previous rounds.  When a member wants to add a new round, he/she enters the course’s rating, slope, par, and yardage.  The member then enters the number of strokes, putts, greens in regulation, and fairways that they had per hole.  The round is then saved in the member’s profile page.  In the member’s profile page, the member is able to view past rounds and statistics.  TrackMyGolf will show individual members what areas of their golf game needs improvement based on the statistics entered. 


Members will have the ability to connect with other golfers by having the option to add other members as friends.  Members will be able to find another golfer by their username and will be able to add them as a friend.  Once friends, the golfers can view other people’s profiles on TrackMyGolf in order to see how their golf game is going.  

Members also have the ability to create leaderboards with their friends.  Members will be able to add a new leaderboard where they can add their friends in order to compare statistics.  The leaderboard will be able to be sorted so that with a click of a button the leaderboard will be show a different statistic.  For example, the leaderboard will have a default setting that shows who has the best average score.  However, the leaderboard can be changed easily to show what golfer is leading his/her friends in putts per round.