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Computer Science Department

Green Simplicity

Maria Kolesar

This senior project will consist of building and designing an interactive website and media feed, called Green Simplicity, that caters to vegetarians or anybody who is interested in a clean, simple eating (meat-free diet).  There’s an overwhelming amount of “health” magazines, nutritional blogs and diet support groups on the web that are either too specific to a certain food lifestyle (i.e. vegan or paleo diets) or too broad, where, in addition, to pages of recipes and ingredients from chefs and health professionals, there are sections for exercise and fitness. Green Simplicity will be a hub and resource for users that are living a specific type of clean and simple lifestyle, to interact and communicate with other users, who share that specific interest. The interaction between users will be through their shared photos of only handcrafted, easy-to-make meals and recipes. The project will entail designing and building a SQL database, using Semantic UI and Ruby on Rails on Cloud9’s local server. The site will require the implementation of three types of user roles: the administrators, site members, and the general user. Members of this site will be able to browse the interactive media feed where users can upload photos, save and favorite their favorite photos and recipes, as well as, rate and comment on other members photos. Each of these user roles will be further explained upon the functional specification.


Another important feature of this website is that it will be mostly updateable via the active server pages.  In order to provide easier maintenance capabilities to the user, administrators will have the ability to edit and add information in the database, along with user posts and comments. I will be using both the local host server on Cloud9 and database (SQL) from my personal computer.