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Computer Science Department

Sky-Hi: A Web-based Application

Michael Hineman

This project will be creating a website that highlights some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.  There will be eight static web pages, one being the main home web page and seven that highlight a skyscraper.  Six of the seven continent’s tallest skyscrapers will be featured; the continent being excluded is Antarctica.  The other skyscraper is a personal favorite, the Tokyo Skytree.  Information will be posted about each skyscraper that is featured that makes the web site educational.  The general user will be able to navigate from web page to web page and read about each feature.

                The largest feature of the website will be the 3D graphics that will be embedded into the website.  With WebGL, the code for the skyscrapers will be written in a JavaScript API, which allows any user to access the graphic without any plug-ins for the browser.  The general user will be able to navigate the graphic within the webpage using their keyboard.  This means it will allow the user to scale and move around the 3D object within the window, seeing detail and size of the structure.