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Computer Science Department

Library Catalog Web Application

Motolani Verissimo

For my senior project, I am designing an easy to use, fully functioning Library web-application that can be adapted for use with a catalog with over 500 books, to a catalog with under 50. I have spoken with representatives at both the Putnam County Public Library and DePauw’s own Roy O. West Library and received preliminary specifications for the application. This project will utilize 3 types of user roles: administrators, registered library users, and general patrons. The administrators will have complete, unrestricted access to the site and will be able to perform actions like add/deleting books, checking on the availability of books, confirming returns, and changing or adding content to any part of the page layout. Already registered users, ‘library cardholders’, will be able to log into their account and check out a number of books, check on the remaining time until the return date, write reviews on the books, and add themselves to a line of users waiting to check the book out as well. A general patron, who is new to both the library and the site, can basically only look at the collection of books offered, information on the library, and sign up. This project will entail construction several active server pages, a database, and automated communication with users. In order to create this application and the supporting, fully functioning webpages, I will be using the cloud IDE NitrousIO and implementing different styles of the bootstrap, and CSS/HTML for design code.