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Computer Science Department


Nick Makowiecki

This project will be an easy to use statistical mobile application tracker. The purpose of the application is to easily chart a tennis match on your mobile device. Originally, most coaches use a pen and paper to write down the result of each point and then try to calculate statistics based on their hardly legible writing. This app eliminates that hassle and automatically will calculate statistical data that will be tracked using the app. The app will be fun and easy to use by simply pressing the corresponding icons to how point went during the match, The app will begin with the input of both player’s names and who is serving first. Each point will begin by determining first, second, ace or double fault on the serve. As the match is played out the person observing the match can record winners, errors, and forced errors on both the forehand and backhand side. Simply by tapping an icon that identifies with each shot. The point will be recorded the and the score updated. Users are also able to track the average shot tolerance of each point by tapping an icon every time the ball is struck. This will allow players and coaches to see how long points are averaging and if points are simply ending too quickly. There will be a tab to switch to allow the user to view a spreadsheet of the stats already recorded from the current match.


The App will constantly be updating statistically data and score throughout the match. The initial code will be written in Java using eclipse, then copied over to Android’s SDK tool to create a mobile app.