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Computer Science Department

GymRat:  An Interactive Gym Traffic Dashboard

Nico Moorman

GymRat is a wellness application that aids and motivates its user base to get to the gym.  By measuring historical gym traffic, GymRat users will know the best times to beat the rush.  GymRat’s interactive dashboard keeps and tracks all fitness goals in one convenient place.     Crowds of people at the gym can be overwhelming.  All the equipment is taken and getting to use necessary machines for a workout could require significant wait time.  GymRat ensures it’s users won’t have to wait for equipment. By measuring the number of students swiping into the Welch Fitness Center, GymRat provides real-time traffic statistics that track how many people are in the gym at any point in time.  It will then associate a status to the gym.  It then checks gym goers out of the system when they leave.  Measuring duration of stays and frequency of check ins by students going to the gym presents multiple benefits.  It supplies more informative foot traffic statistics for Welch Fitness Center administrators.  Also, it builds a more precise and predicative model that tells how crowded and when the gym will be crowded.   

With GymRat, beat the rush and get to the gym.