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Computer Science Department

3D Track: Tracking 3D Printed Clothing

Noemi Benitez

This senior project includes the designing, programming, and creating a functional GPS tracker that is concealed by 3D printed technology on clothing,. This tracker will be Arduino based and programmed in the Arduino programming language. The tracker is able to update in real time. A 3D printed shield, placed on the bodice of the clothing of the user and will be able to be seen on a Ruby on Rails based website.

The main focus of this robotic tracker will be to accurately track the article of clothing that it is mounted on. Through the website the user will be able to keep a real time account of where the clothing is. Through the use of a GPS module, Arduino board, and other electronics this project is able to keep track of the clothing and maintain a stylish design use of 3D printed technology.

Aside from a hardware element this project uses web based technology is also an important component. The website is written using Ruby on Rails, for the backend, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for the front end.

The combination of these technologies is so the data collected by the GPS module will be visible for the user. The manner in which the data is visualized is through the use of Google APIs including, but not restricted to Maps Embed API and Maps Tracks API (Deprecated).