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Computer Science Department

Card Room: A Desktop Application for Playing Card Games

Owen Underwood

CardRoom is a desktop application where users can play a variety of card games with other users over the Internet.  When a user opens the application, they will be prompted to enter a nickname, and then will be taken to the main menu where they decide which game they want to play.  Once the game is selected, the app will show “tables” where the user can “sit” and an option to create a new table.  Once the table has the required number of players, the game will start.  Players can leave a game at any time and return to the main menu.  There are going to be four games to choose from: War, and Egyptian Ratscrew, Speed, and Gin Rummy. 


The user interface will have buttons to choose which game to play.  The “tables” will presented in a grid and with the number of players “sitting” at each table.  Once a game has started, the cards are shown in an appropriate fashion to the game along with the chosen nickname.  If applicable, the scores will show in a separate frame.  A dropdown menu at the top of the application window will enable users to customize the interface by changing the background, card faces and card backs. 


The connection between the users is established through a server-client relationship, implemented through Java’s GNetLib package.  The server will keep track of users cards and scores.   The client will send information to the server about which cards are played.