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Computer Science Department

A Web-based Application for Student Market

Sida Sun

This web-based application serves as a trading platform for helping university students to sell their used stuff or find things they would like to buy on campus. Everybody has some idle items in their hands but they do not know what to do with them. This situation is more common in university because the purchasing power and mobility of students will let them have more idle stuff than people who live in home most of the time. However, there is not such a platform that helps trade between student and student.  Although students could trade them to their friends or post them on their university’s information board, the efficiency is limited and few people would notice things on sale on their university’s website.

There will be two main interfaces in this application, one for the seller and one for the buyer. Both groups of people would be able to create their user accounts. Sellers could post the information of goods they would like to sell (including item’s name, descriptions, photos, functionalities, original price and selling price, contact information and etc.); edit the information he posted; check the view times of their item on sale; close their cases or turn items’ status to “sold out”. Buyer would have the access to view things that are on sell on their campus, get the contact information of the seller and search specifically they want on the website.