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Computer Science Department

A Web-Based Application for League of Legends Statistics

Taylor Beegle

Many avid players of the game “League of Legends” share the problem of lacking pertinent information related to the champions and items that are constantly updated to keep the game competitive. This problem will be solved by creating a website that displays League of Legends statistics pertaining to champions and items that the user can easily navigate through to stay current with the latest patch. The project will involve generating various server web pages to display champion and item statistics and managing a database supported through model-view-controller frameworks.

A significant portion of the project will be creating one of the web page to have the option suggest a recommended item build path that is champion specific for the user to experiment upon. This will allow the user to learn about items that are ‘meta’ and gold efficient to integrate into their own build paths and during actual games.

Users will also have the ability to submit suggested changes to champion and item statistics that occur through various and frequent patch updates to ensure that the data displayed is current. These changes will be reviewed by the administrator before implemented on the server so that false or outdated information is not displayed.