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Computer Science Department

A Web-based Application for Documenting Gift Ideas

Taylor Brandstatter

This project is a web-based application for the purpose of documenting gift ideas. The web-application will make peoples’ lives easier in the sense that the application is available to specifically store gift ideas and gift ideas only. No more rummaging around Google documents or old emails to find that one birthday gift idea that cannot be remembered. The web application will only be accessible with a registered account that can be created with a username and password.  The application will allow users to create gift lists for as many people as they see necessary, and dynamically add or delete people as time goes on. The user will be able to add links, pictures, or write any type of gift idea to a person’s gift list, which will then update and save the list. The user will also have to option of deleting an idea off the list if they no longer feel that idea is necessary. Once a gift idea is gifted, the user will be able to send it to the “gifted” list for that individual, to make sure the user does not make the mistake of re-gifting. Furthermore, the web application will have a reminder feature. The user can input birthday dates and other special occasion dates for each person and will be sent an email giving him or her notice that they need to buy a gift. This web application is ultimately meant to make life a little easier and gift giving a little less stressful.