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Computer Science Department

Building an HTML/JavaScript Puzzle Game with Zebra

Timothy Brauer

This project will create a web-based puzzle game that utilizes elements of computer science to solve its puzzles. Players will drag and drop commands into a list, which will then be executed in order by the game. These commands will manipulate a character on the screen as they attempt to traverse mazes filled with pressure plates, switches, and movable blocks. Players will have the option to repeat sections of their list of commands, and will be able to manipulate their list with simple drag and drop mechanics. The game will track players' progress, unlocking new levels and displaying their best performances on a level selection screen.

There is one factor that will make this game stand out from many other web-based games. In the past, most of these games have focused around Adobe Flash, a popular plug-in that supports a wide range of embedded media online. This game, however, will be written entirely in JavaScript, a language supported natively by all web browsers. This is possible using multiple open-source JavaScript libraries which expand the language's native functionality.