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Computer Science Department

25: A Card-based Counting Game

Tom Johnson

This project is a desktop-based application to run and play the original game 25. This is a game that is similar to Blackjack in that both player and computer will be dealt cards in the goal to reach 25, but there are several important differences. The first is that each player will have a deck of five cards, wherein these cards can be added or subtracted from the current score to help that player get to 25. For example, the computer could go over the goal of 25 with a score of 29, but in their deck they would have a -5 card, which could then be played to bring them to 24 and prevent them from busting. Another critical difference is that games of 25 will not be one and done, but rather best of five. This will highlight the importance of the players’ decks, and make them think strategically for when it is best appropriate to use the cards from their deck. Once a card is played, the player will not be able to gain another one, and if all cards are played, they must then rely on the luck of the draw. The goal is to create a faster, more interactive version of Blackjack that is easily accessible and can be played in short bursts. This will be designed in Java, using the Eclipse IDE.