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Computer Science Department

Simulating a Rain Environment Using OpenGL

Weiju Wu

This project will entail the design of a sandbox environment in OpenGL. The environment will focus on large scales of particles that are essentially GL lines to simulate rain falling. The particles will be implemented with simple kinetic physic methods that will simulate actuality as the rain particles fall onto the ground. In addition, I will create several objects that allow users to apply onto the environment. By doing so, users can further experience the actuality of the rain particles as the raindrops drape aside the objects.


On top of that I will also challenge myself to apply the right features that are compelling to users and add realness to the simulation. For example, I will apply shades, textures, colors, and shadows for my objects. As for my environment I will implement ripple effects that interact with the rain particles as raindrops hit the ground. Finally, I will finish up with coded commands that allow users to change the direction of the rain, thus simulating actual rains in our world.

The final product will consist of an environment with implemented ripple effects. Coming from the top, particles of rain will descend from the top of the screen to the lower ground of the environment, thus also triggering ripple effects as soon as the raindrops hit the ground. There are several simulation can be toggle by users can use coded commands. By using the command keys, users can instantly display object(s) onto to the screen and simulate rain falling onto the objects. In addition, users can also change rain directions and camera angles through the use of coded command keys.