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Computer Science Department


Wenqi Fan

This project is a website for people who love basketball shoes. There are three types of users in this website, including common users, VIP users, and administrators and a searching functionality called dictionary.

  1. Common users: they need to sign up their account first so that they will have access to write their own sneakers’ blogs. They can leave comments for other users’ blogs as well.
  2. VIP users: they have to sign up their account first and pay twenty dollars for registration fee. Then VIP users can do all the same things as common users do plus an instant chat function for the writer of the blog that they are interested in and an emotional chatting package when they leave comments.
  3. Administrators: they will be selected from VIP users and have the power to delete the blogs which are irrelevant about the sneakers and prohibit these blogs’ writer from writing other blogs. In addition, administrators will have the access to update the website pages and database.
  4. A searching functionality – dictionary: All users can search their favorite basketball shoes in this function. For the database, this website will host SQL server in this website from the developer’s own computer. There are different types of data that will be stored in this database, including common and VIP users’ data, administration data, and all shoes’ information data.