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Computer Science Department

A Web-Based Application for DePauw First-Year Mentors

Abbey Buroker

This project will be a web application for upperclassmen who participate in DePauw’s First-Year Mentor Program. The mentor program requires teamwork and innovative thinking. The focus of Mentor Connection is to address both needs by providing mentors with additional support, resources, and a space dedicated to collaboration among current and past mentors. Abbey received her inspiration for this web application from her three years of experience with the First-Year Mentor Program.

Everyone involved has a common goal to support every first-year student to the best of their ability during their transition into college life. Mentor connection will provide mentors access to a directory of current and recent mentors, a calendar of important dates throughout the year, a message board where mentors can ask questions and spark discussion. Users will have a login that way the application can be limited to mentors. Mentor Connection hopes to strengthen the knowledge and involvement of mentors with the program overall and their relationships with the first-year students with whom they directly work.