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Computer Science Department

DraftWizard: MLB Draft Selection Optimizer

Aidan Cain

The Major League Baseball Amateur Draft contains 50 rounds for each team to pick a player. With so few players that actually progress to the highest level, it is very difficult to determine which players will be successful professionally. Many players taken spend their entire careers in the Minors which does not benefit the organization. DraftWizard seeks to improve the selection process by providing useful information from prior drafts.

DraftWizard is an interactive draft database allowing user’s of varying baseball knowledge to optimize a draft selection. The application uses a statistical model on historical data to find those players who fit selected attributes, and from this group, is able to determine which player is most likely to make it to the Major Leagues.

When the user opens DraftWizard, a simple, user-friendly interface appears. The interface allows the user to select from a variety of attributes that is applied to each player from the past 20 years of Major League Amateur Drafts. DraftWizard then automatically performs complex querying of the data based on the user selections. A list of all players who fit the selected attributes is generated, along with a report on the output data so that it may be further analyzed.

Pick the best player every time with DraftWizard.