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Computer Science Department

Joggers and Loggers

Brad Burch

The DePauw Cross Country and Track and Field teams have been using an outdated running log website for years, with no better alternatives. This project is a full-stack web application to record exercise activity logs in an enjoyable and modern way. Individuals can track their weekly mileage, total mileage on their shoes, and join teams to foster a fun, collaborative community around running and exercising. With the emergence of wearable technology, this project will also feature wearable technology integration, for better logging statistics for athletes, coaches, and casual exercisers. 

The web application will be called “Joggers and Loggers”, which will attract the target audience: people who will need to log their mileage or other exercise activities. It will allow users to create accounts to track their mileage and daily activity, while being able to join teams to motivate others toward a common goal and connect with friends.