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Computer Science Department


Charles Cook

The average caddie spends more time waiting to work than they do working. This is an issue that, until now, has had no solution. CaddyShack is an iOS application that tracks caddie attendance and performance. It also helps caddie masters assign his caddies to golfers. CaddyShack is responsible for tracking caddie information such as personal information as well as past performance and pay for review by both the caddie and the caddie master. This information will be tracked using Google’s firebase database and will use the analytics to help track caddie and golf course performance. The app is built using Apple’s Xcode using Swift programming language. It tracks the current list of upcoming golfers and their respective caddie assignments as well as the unassigned caddies. When Caddies arrive to work, they check in on the iOS application and are added to the list of unassigned caddies. The caddies are able view their position on the unassigned caddie list and CaddyShack will provide them with an estimated time until they get assigned. CaddyShack sends notifications to caddies who have an upcoming assignment and helps caddies cut down on the amount of time they spend sitting around waiting to work. It allows caddies to wait at home until they get a notification saying that they have an upcoming round to caddie for. The caddies and the caddie masters will be able to see how much money is made as well as totals and more breakdowns of caddie performance.