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Computer Science Department

RoomRight: Algorithm-Based Rooming Assignments

Danielle Dattilio

Choosing roommates within large groups, like sorority houses, camps and events can be tedious and bothersome. Being able to accommodate everyone’s preferences for whom they would like to room with, while also ensuring they do not room with people they do not want to room with, requires a lot of time and thought to make sure everyone is pleased with the room assignments.

RoomRight is an interactive application that allows users to easily match roommates based on preferences. Tenants will be able to give their preferences for their roommates, and the user will be able to run the program to get reasonably desirable assignments. The program will organize 32 members into eight groups of four. Tenants will be able to enter five people they would like to room with and two people they would not like to room with. The program will give them at least one person from their ‘yes’ list and none of the people from their ‘no’ list when making assignments. RoomRight ensures, without having to tirelessly guess and check, that tenants are reasonably desirable assignments. The rooming coordinator no longer has to spend countless hours trying to make everyone happy, because she can effectively trust the program to provide compatible rooming arrangements.