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Computer Science Department

DePauw Bubble: An Interactive Game that Help Guide First-year Students

Dara Hou

DePauw Bubble is an interactive game that is built using Processing, a software sketchbook that uses a Java-based programming language with the context of the visual arts. DePauw Bubble is designed for both educational and fun purposes. An explanation of how the game works will clarify these purposes. First, the game starts off with a bubble with a clear background. The user can maneuver the bubble using the 4 “up”, “down”, “left”, “right” arrow keys. As the user navigate the bubble around, there will be negative items that are floating around. These negative items represent the challenges that first-year students may face. Some of these items will include: beer cans, big letter “F”, video game console, etc. While the negative items are floating around, there will also be positive items. These positive items will include: books, people, sports, etc. These positive items represent the encouraging behaviors and interactions that first-years should associate with. The objective of this game is to move the bubble around to touch the positive items while avoiding the negative items. As a player touches the positive items, the bubble will grow-- little by little. In other words, the bubble that first year students are in can only grow if they push themselves to build a positive mindset that allow them to make the most out of their experience here at DePauw. Although the message of this game is educational, it is designed to have a friendly and fun user interface that excites first-year students, or any grade students for that matter, to want to get their hands on it.