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Computer Science Department

BetterYou: A Desktop Application for Self-Betterment Management

Diana Zajac

The project goal is to create a desktop application, most likely to be run on Windows, that provides users with a multi-functional space to plan and organize their health goals. BetterYou will allow users to create and keep good habits and get rid of bad ones, store nutrition goals and information, compose fitness plans, and overall help them plan a daily/weekly/monthly self-betterment agenda. Users could also input daily affirmations (i.e. "I am a hard-working student who meets all of my Senior Project deadlines." or "I am a physically active and fit person who does not make excuses to not go to the gym."). All of these features allow a user to view all of their self-betterment goals in one space, organize them and manage them on a daily basis. The application will be of sovereign posture, meaning that it is meant to be run full-screen for longer periods of time.

The focus of this project is Human Computer Interaction and good User Interface design. So, large portions of the project will include the design process—ideating, prototyping, testing and user reviews, improvement, and final testing. The project will include the completion of a design document with Use Cases, User Experience Goals, Plus and Minus Scenarios, and more. In the end, the project will consist of a finished and user-tested desktop application, as well as a design document, prototypes, and multiple drafts/”rough copies”. The design of the application will be modelled after the design of other desktop apps, such as Spotify or Skype. The interface will be simple and clean, in order to encourage user-focus and relaxation.