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Computer Science Department

A Web Application Designed for Beer Enthusiasts

Jack Eberhardt

This user-driven web application is designed to help beer enthusiasts better connect with each other and keep record of their favorite beers. Everyone that drinks beer knows that sometimes they order a drink and they love it, there are also times that they hate it. So this web app is designed so users can record, rate, and comment on their favorite beers they have consumed. With this app users will no longer forget the great beers they have had and they will be able to communicate with other beer enthusiasts with ease.

This web application makes finding and remembering beer easier for those who like to drink it. It is aimed toward beer in general but more specifically craft beer since it is harder to remember and they are not found everywhere like domestic beers. The web app will contain features such as log in access, so users will have personalized profiles to their likings. It will also contain features such as five star ratings, ability to upload photos of the beer, summaries created by the consumer of the beer, and Google maps to pinpoint where the user drank the beer. This app will help users find local beer easier, allow users to find their favorite beers, and it will also work as a memory bank so users can remember where they first drank their favorite beer.