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Computer Science Department

SmartDialer: An Area Code Finding iOS Application

Josh Dulberger

Remembering seven digits of a phone number is not difficult, but remembering all ten, including the area code, can be troubling. Forgetting these three numbers for the area code can lead to communicating with the wrong person. SmartDialer, an iOS application, will fix this problem by allowing users to search for area codes. SmartDialer will utilize a number of iOS services to search for locations, execute web requests, store area codes retrieved from the web, and load the area code(s) into a phone dialer. 

Users can search from their current location or lookup a location. A web request is made with the location’s zip code and returns the area code(s) found for that location. These results are presented to users in a list. Upon selecting one of the results, users are given the option if they would like to save the area code to a local database on their device. The selected option is then loaded into a phone dialer. Users can then type in the remaining seven digits of the phone number and press a call button, which will make a call in the default phone app.