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Computer Science Department

A Mobile App for Media Fellows Pursuing Internships

Julia Waggoner

This data-driven mobile app is designed to assist the Media Fellows Honors program. Every Media Fellow is required to complete a semester-long, off-campus internship. Unfortunately, there is little information for Media Fellows to look at in order to see where Media Fellows have interned in the past and how they obtained their internships. 

This mobile app makes the internship-seeking process less stressful and more transparent to Media Fellows. The mobile app will contain large amounts of data, stored in a JSON file, on each Media Fellow and will be accessible for iOS via a front-end built in Swift. The JSON file will contain information regarding each Media Fellow’s graduation year, internship location, company, contact information, branch of the media, the duties of the intern while on the internship, the skills that are required to intern at this company, the skills gained from the internship, whether the Media Fellow would recommend the internship to other students, and living accommodations while on the internship. Students using the mobile app are able to browse all past Media Fellows in a contact-list style interface or search for internships based on name, location, or media branch. The app will also allow students to view a timeline outlining the internship seeking process based on the semester he or she is planning on interning.