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Computer Science Department

dot: A Desktop Application for Customizable Bullet Journaling

Katie McCauley

dot is a desktop application that stands for Daily Organization Tool. The purpose of the application is to provide a digital bullet journal that is customizable to fit the unique needs of each user. A bullet journal is basically a daily super-planner that goes further than just to-do lists in an agenda planner by giving users more options when it comes to planning and organizing their lives.

Within the application, there will be a settings menu that will allow users to choose which features they do and do not want to see within the application and change the background to make the journal more personal. User information will be stored in a local database so the user can login, save journal entries, and access his/her previously saved journal entries via a search function. The goal of this project is to encourage users to accomplish the tasks they set out to do and improve their overall life organizationally and emotionally.