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Computer Science Department

PlotLine: A GUI Application Software for Movie and TV Show Timelines

Michael Jennings

PlotLine is a GUI based platform for fans to use and create a timeline synopsis of their favorite TV show or movie. Ideally, this service will be made available online once the main components of the software are built. 

These timelines are especially effective for complex or exceedingly long plots such as Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother or Star Wars. The platform would include a number of functionalities including a user log in function that leads to options to create a new timeline, edit an existing timeline or add a new panel to a specific new or existing timeline. Each panel can be customized using tools such as a text editing function and an image or video uploader. Users can utilize these tools to condense long and complex stories into easy to read synopses of linked episodes into a larger, visualized storyline.