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Computer Science Department

Level Me (Blood Glucose Tracking Program)

Miranda Neville

Monitoring blood sugar can be a tedious undertaking despite its importance.  For diabetics monitoring blood sugar levels are a way of life.  Level Me makes this process easier.  Using a user friendly interactive Windows program, these levels are mapped in a way that makes it easier to find patterns.  Level Me (Blood Glucose Tracker) consists of a user friendly Windows program that helps track blood glucose levels.  Users are given reminders and alerts related to blood glucose testing.  Blood glucose levels are mapped to find patterns and are placed in a printable document to be shared with physicians to aid in keeping levels under control.   

The blood glucose patterns detected by the program aid physicians in adjusting medications to keep levels under control.  The user inputs his/her blood glucose levels and the time after testing them with the machine of their choice.   The program then asks the user questions about each entry, whether the reading was taken before or after a meal, medication, or exercise.  It also tracks the medication taken, be it insulin or oral medication, comparing the time medication is taken to the time of the blood glucose reading.  All of this data assists pattern finding and will aid in blood glucose control.