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Computer Science Department

GuitarLab: Web Application for Learning Guitar and Music

Rey-Nathan Gray

GuitarLab, a web application, will be used to teach and aid users interested in either learning or advancing their knowledge in music theory and guitar. GuitarLab will have three kinds of users: special members, regular members, and guests. Difference in membership will allow different accessible content. If users wish to access more content, then they must sign up on GuitarLab using an email and password.

The main features of this website will include a guitar tuner, a basic introduction lesson to music theory, and reference tool for chords and notes specifically for the guitar. The guitar tuner is straightforward. A user can use this feature to tune their guitar and possibly other string related instruments. The basic lessons will inform the user how to understand the circle of fifths, explain the components of guitar (what the neck is, the fret board, the strings… etc. ), and how to play four common chords. The library of chords, scales, and notes will contain visual examples of how to play different guitar chords and scales. Hopefully an audio component will also be available.