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Robert Ramirez

TigerTravelers is a web-application with an embedded database backend. TigerTravelers will be developed with Hyper Text Markup Language 5 (HTML5) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with a Ruby on Rails framework, and SQLite3 as the embedded database backend component. The web-application is developed for informative purposes geared towards DePauw University students who had off-campus experiences or current students looking to pursue off-campus opportunities. When using TigerTravelers, users would first sign-up for an account using an email address and password. After signing up for an account the user will be able to access the whole web-application and perform a variety of functionalities which include the following: find a program, read reviews and post about the off-campus experience, write and submit a personal review of their off-campus experience, or search and sort existing reviews. Additional content within TigerTravelers will consist of a static content page (i.e. an “About” page) that will explain the purpose of the application or describe highlights of students’ experiences in detail. TigerTravelers is designed to encourage and to excite students to pursue off-campus study and also give students the opportunity to highlight and promote their past experiences. Overall, TigerTravelers will serve as a tool or reference that would satisfy one of the user experience goals: to become informed of the different off-campus opportunities offered at DePauw.