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Computer Science Department

An Idle-typed Game for Android Devices

Yue Yu

This game is mainly a time killer game on a mobile device. This game will provide the user with multiple hours of gameplay. This game allows players to attack waves of monsters by tapping the screen. Each tap deals damage to the monster. Monster types are randomly generated based on the level of the game. Strength of the monsters is determined based on the level of the game, but each monster has its own attack speed and damage. If they attack fast, then each time it deals little damage compared to the lower attack speed monsters. There will be items dropped randomly when defeating each wave. Monsters will grow stronger as time passes. This game will include a save and load system. Achievements and a scoreboard are also included in this game. A skill system will be developed.

A large part of the game development effort will be towards the interface. This game is going to have a user-friendly interface with a limited number of buttons, so the player will not feel overwhelmed by the interface of the game. The main menu should be clean and clear. Buttons in the game should be the appropriate size. The background of the game should be light and simple.