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Computer Science Department

An Android Application for Customer Waiting for Restaurant

Zhou Yao

This project is an Android application for queuing in the restaurant. The application will be able to be used by both restaurants and customers. For those two different identities, they have different permissions in the application. The main function is for customers to queue up online using the application and for restaurants to manage their waiting customers. Also, customers will be able to choose the restaurant from the list, skim their menu and see today’s special (if they have one).

Restaurants will be able to upload their menu information. Each restaurant’s account will only be able to manage one restaurant. Also, one restaurant will only be able to be managed by one account. When the customers queue online, after they got a number, the application will show how many people are in the line before them and the estimated waiting time. The estimated waiting time will be based on the data that restaurants input and the average waiting time from the past, which means every customer who uses the app will be recorded and their data will be used. 

The application will remind users when they are the next one in line. When it is the customers’ turn, they will need to walk in the restaurant, show their number to the waiter and the restaurant will be able to check on their application. If the customers do not check in within 5 minutes when it’s their turn, their number will be expired. In addition, the restaurants will be able to manage the queue situation with walk-in customers. For instance, by adding walk-in customers in the queue and checking them in on the application.