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Computer Science Department

Your.Little.Shop: A Retail Management System

Ama Sefa-Dapaah

Your.Little.Shop is a retail management desktop application system. The purpose of Your.Little.Shop is
to help retail owners keep better track of their inventory and track the progress of their business. Retail
owners can manage their inventory, customers, and sales through this application. When first launched,
the application requires a username and password. The application is built for two types of users:
owners and employees. During the log-in process, the user has to select their title and provide the
appropriate credentials. The users have different views and capabilities based on their title. The
employee can view, add, and delete items in the inventory. They can also add information about
customers and view items that have been returned. The owner has the same capabilities as the
employee but they can also view the revenue of the company based on the type of item.
Your.Little.Shop helps make managing a store more efficient.