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Computer Science Department

Hatch: A Collaborative Website Approach to Salmon Rearing

Creed Coram

Hatch: A Collaborative Approach to Salmon Rearing is a website that connects hatcheries on the west
coast of North America. The site encourages hatcheries to share their systems and rearing approach
with others. Each hatchery has their own profile page which displays general information, such as
location and species reared. There are additional forms that display in-depth information on the species
they are rearing – such as mortality rate from egg to fry, marine survival rate, and number of fish
returned. The site’s “news” section allows any hatchery with an account to post relevant hatchery
information. A direct message system enables hatcheries to talk privately to one another so not all
information is shared on the news page. The site also has educational purposes: a search bar allows
guests visiting the site to search hatcheries by geographic location or species reared. If a hatchery is
clicked, the page is redirected to the hatcheries profile page. In addition, an interactive map allows a
guest/user to click on a geographic location and see which hatcheries are in the area and how many fish
they released collectively.