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Computer Science Department

Aletheia: A Community Fact Checking Web Site

Daryl Boggs

Aletheia is a community-driven web application for fact checking. It is developed using Ruby on Rails
5.1.4 with SQLite3 as the database engine. Aletheia is intended for anyone who wants to verify the truth
or falsehood of a statement, rumor, or legend. To post a claim for fact checking, a user must first sign up
and sign in, which requires him to enter an e-mail, full name, and password. To use advanced features
such as reviewing claims or ratings, he must be verified by an administrator. Verification requires
complete and correct information that includes a birthdate, education, phone number, and occupation.
When verified users review a claim, they enter sources, interpret the information in a way relevant to
the claim, and rate the claim as true or false. Other verified users can rate the quality of the review.
Altogether, Aletheia is a tool to help everyone become a fact checker.