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Computer Science Department

Iḿo Clothing: An E-Commerce Web Application

Grace Saint

Iḿo Clothing is an e-commerce web-application. Iḿo Clothing is developed in the Cloud9 IDE and
written using Ruby on Rails (with SQLite installed for the back-end database), JavaScript, Hypertext
Markup Language (HTML5) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The web-application is in the process of
development for the founders of the Iḿo Clothing brand, who are DePauw University students, and will
be released to the public for consumer purchasing. When using the Iḿo Clothing web-application, users
can access the website and view clothing without signing into their account. Users can find a navigation
menu that will list the following: new items, tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses and rompers. Users can
search clothing by specified type, color, and size; and can add those selected items to the shopping cart
for purchase. Users can submit ratings and reviews on the likeability and quality of the item they
purchased. Users can also sign-up for an account, which includes their personal information, such as
name, address, and credit card information for payment. Once a user signs up, they can sign in to access
the clothes in their shopping cart and their account information. Iḿo Clothing includes an administrator
user that can view each user’s name and their corresponding account information. Overall, Iḿo Clothing
functions like your typical clothing and e-commerce web-application, but will do so with usability and
user experience as the number one priority for the customer.