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Computer Science Department

SEAD (Social Entrepreneurial Advancement Database) 

Jordan Watt

There is a significant decrease from entrepreneurial opportunities to actual entrepreneurial activity in the United States. This means that the number of individuals who commit to entrepreneurial pursuits as a career is drastically lower than the number of individuals who aspire to do so. There fails to be a resource that allows entrepreneurs to find the personnel necessary to introduce their innovation into market. 

SEAD is web application where individuals who aspire to be associated with an entrepreneurial organization can connect. It is programmed using HTML and JavaScript and formatted through CSS and Bootstrap templates. SEAD is backed by Google’s Firebase database where profiles are stored for each user. Innovators, programmers, investors, and marketers have a network of people and resources who are all dedicated to entrepreneurship. Through SEAD’s interface, the user has the opportunity to search for the desired personnel by name, location and skill. Once the desired individual is found, the user can connect with that person through a direct messaging feature. There is a main page which allows users to share updates and articles related to their prospective entrepreneurial pursuits. With SEAD, those who aspire to be entrepreneurs finally have a resource to turn their innovations and ideas into a career.