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Computer Science Department


Colin Gleason

LockedOn is a native Android app that places control of individual’s lives in their hands rather than the processors of their mobile devices. It offers a proactive solution to procrastination problems in the form of location-based authentication. Location-based authentication seeks to encourage the user to go to a certain place, be it the gym, grocery store or laundromat, by limiting their access to distracting apps until the specified location is reached. Users are self-locked out, and the only ‘key’ to unlock favorite apps is the physical location of their phone. 

LockedOn is composed of four main modules: User-Interface, location specifying, background-based foreground surveillance and geographic unlocking.  LockedOn’s UI allows the user to access app settings and location specification. Location specifying employs the GoogleMapsAPI to get a user-input geographic location. Then, upon launching LockedOn’s software, the mobile device’s foreground is monitored, and ‘locked’ apps will not be allowed into the foreground. Finally, once the user penetrates a Geofence created using map data upon beginning LockedOn’s operations, LockedOn’s process closes, and device functionality is restored. Together, these modules allow the user to navigate the LockedOn app, specify the unlock location, restrict access in the interim, and restore access once the geographic destination is reached.